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    Release Notes

    Have a look at our monthly release notes to find out what new functions you can now use to optimize your processes.
    Bpanda: Linked processes to roles

    Release Notes 05.07.2022

    • Organization: Linked Processes
    • Process-Specific Competences: Printing Labels
    • Bpanda Connector: Extended Description Texts can Now be Searched
    Bpanda Release Notes Tasks MID GmbH

    Release Notes 01.06.2022

    • Managing Processes: Publishing Risk Analyses
    • Risk Management: More Multi-Language Capabilities
    • Tasks: Number Automatically Updated
    • Bpanda Does Not Work Without JavaScript
    Release April 2022 | Process-specific responsibilities

    Release Notes 26.04.2022

    • NEW: Process-Specific States
    • Bpanda Connector: Importing Multi-Language Risk Analyses
    • Process Full Screen Mode: Icons Visible as Default
    Bpanda Innovator Connector transfer roles | MID GmbH

    Release Notes 24.03.2022

    • Bpanda Connector: Simple Transfer of Linked Roles from Innovator
    • Further Improvements to Details for Proven Features
    Bpanda: Internet Explorer 11

    Release Notes 23.02.2022

    • Organization: Linking Organization Units and Roles
    • Organization: Adding Employees to Org Units as Members
    • Bpanda Usability Hampered with Internet Explorer 11
    Bpanda Organization, Structure and Multiple languages MID GmbH

    Release Notes 26.01.2022

    • Organization: Structure and Multiple Languages
    • Process Space KPI: Valid Process Versions
    • (Performance) Improvements for Bpanda
    Bpanda expired process versions

    Release Notes 17.11.2021

    • Process Page: Process Context
    • Accessibility: Scaling for Visually Impaired Users
    • My Tasks Dashboard: No Limit
    Bpanda Risk Management Extended Dashboard

    Release Notes 20.10.2021

    • Review Properties Displayed
    • User Selection Dialog: Filter Improved
    • Risk Management: Dashboard Extended
    Bpanda connector: import risks

    Release Notes 28.09.2021

    • Bpanda Connector: Importing Risks Using Controls
    • Bpanda Connector: Importing Organizational Roles
    • Links in Description Texts: Icon in Process Full Screen and Lists
    • Attachments: Improved Display in Bpanda
    Bpanda | Organizational Structure Linked Processes

    Release Notes 25.08.2021

    • Organizational Structure: Linked Processes
    • Process Hierarchy: Improvements to Entry Points
    • Printing Process Drafts
    • Risk Management: New for Risks and Controls
    • Process Hierarchy: Linked Elements in the Process Map