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    Release Notes 03.07.2024

    3. July 2024

    Performance Improvement for Large Process Spaces

    Our July 3 release brings with it good news for all our users with particularly large process spaces. A process space is considered large if it has more than 5,000 process revisions. The “Manage Processes” dashboard used to take longer to load for these accounts. We have now considerably improved and stabilized dashboard performance. Analytics are now calculated by Bpanda and a timestamp shows you when the data was last updated. By clicking on the new button, you can now decide whether and when you want to load process metrics. This means that the dashboard no longer needs to be loaded each time it is used, making Bpanda run a lot faster. This is also good news for all of you who currently have process spaces with less than 5,000 process revisions: Bpanda will continue to grow along with your company.

    Bpanda Release Juli 2024 | Performance Improvement for Large Process Spaces
    Bpanda Release Juli 2024 | Shared Drafts: Collaborate on Drafts and Be Informed

    Shared Drafts: Collaborate on Drafts and Be Informed

    We announced shared drafts in our last release and are happy to say that we have even more to offer with this release. If you are reworking a process you have already submitted and want to create a new draft for this, then you will still be able to see if user X has already created a draft. What’s new though, is that Bpanda automatically adds you to this existing draft instead of creating you your own draft for this process and you no longer have to manually merge your draft with that of the other user. This means that there is only one shared draft right from the beginning which you can collaborate on together. You can now independently collaborate on a draft without having to wait to be invited to it. The user who created the original draft is sent a notification to say that you have added yourself as a participant to the draft. This means that everyone always has the most up-to-date information.

    Process Map: Full Area Display in Full Screen Mode

    You used to see some whitespace to the right and left when viewing your process map in full screen mode. The full area available in Bpanda is now used so that your process map is shown to its full capacity in full screen mode. This has made process maps with a lot of detail considerably easier to read and you hopefully won’t need to zoom in as much to see the detail. Bpanda grows with your needs and makes “larger” process maps easier to use.

    Bpanda Release Juli 2024 | Process Map: Full Area Display in Full Screen Mode

    We have also fixed bugs which customers found in this release:

    Technical changes in MS Office programs led to formatting being altered when copying& pasting texts from these programs into Bpanda. Bpanda now filters the problematic characters out so that it is easier to copy&paste from MS Office programs to Bpanda whilst maintaining formatting.

    Depending on which language is set as your system language in Bpanda, the correct translation in the “Description” field is now shown when printing a process description.