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    Release Notes

    Have a look at our monthly release notes to find out what new functions you can now use to optimize your processes.
    Bpanda Release 06.2024 | Shared drafts

    Release Notes 05.06.2024

    • Shared Drafts: Notification for Invited User
    • Translation: Information Texts for Modified Original Language
    • Process Overview: Improved and Clearer Print Version
    • Maintenance Banner: Information about Time Zones & Release Notes
    Bpanda Release April 2024 | New Process Map Editor

    Release Notes 25.04.2024

    • New Process Map Editor
    • Translating Process Maps
    • Converting Existing Process Maps
    • Managing Processes: Filtering (My) Processes According to Hierarchy
    • Account Management: Marking for Deletion
    • Process Overview: Improved and Clearer Version Printer
    Bpanda Release February 2024 | Filter Assignments by Name

    Release Notes 28.02.2024

    • Filter Assignments by Name
    • Shared Drafts: Now Even Easier to Collaborate
    • Self Help: New Tours Available
    Bpanda Release January 2024 | Shared Process Drafts: Name Filter and Improvements

    Release Notes 31.01.2024

    • Shared Process Drafts: Name Filter and Improvements
    • Manage Process Space: New Content Languages Available
    • Notifications: Filter and Delete Unread Notifications
    Bpanda Release December 2023 | Shared Process Drafts

    Release Notes 20.12.2023

    • Shared Process Drafts
    • Manage Processes: New Export Function
    • Process Overview: Process Status Message
    Bpanda Release November 2023 | Managing Processes: New Dashboard

    Release Notes 29.11.2023

    • Managing Processes: New Dashboard
    • Managing Processes: Removing Users from a Set
    • Modeling New Processes at the Same Time as Call Activities
    • Organization: Improved Overview for Bpanda Users
    Bpanda Release October 2023 | Manage processes and adjust validity

    Release Notes 25.10.2023

    • Managing Processes: Adjust Validity
    • Notifications: New Look & Delete Options
    • ArchiMate® XML Export with Process References
    • Send Error Report from Bpanda
    Bpanda Release September 2023 | Self Help

    Release Notes 28.09.2023

    • NEW: Bpanda Self Help
    • The Self Help Guides you through Bpanda
    • The Self Help Shows you Specific Content
    • Import and Export Applications as ArchiMate® XML Files
    Bpanda Release August 2023 | Export Applications

    Release Notes 30.08.2023

    • Export Applications as CSV Files
    • Export Process Revisions: Attachments & Applications for Processes & Process Elements
    • Export Process Revisions: New ‘Current’ Revision Filter
    Bpanda Release July 2023 | Clear Tile Structure

    Release Notes 26.07.2023

    • Managing Processes: Clear Tile Structure for all Your Actions
    • Easy Export of Process Data as CSV File
    • Assign Collaborators’ & ‘Assign Participants’ – and now Add link to organizational roles