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Release Notes

Have a look at our monthly release notes to find out what new functions you can now use to optimize your processes.
Bpanda | Process Page: Process Context

Release Notes 25.05.2021

  • Process Page: Process Context
  • Accessibility: Scaling for Visually Impaired Users
  • My Tasks Dashboard: No Limit
Modeler: More improvements

Release Notes 21.04.2021

  • Modeler: Restructured Properties Field
  • Modeler: Editing Processes in the Properties Field
  • Modeler: Color Elements
  • Modeler: Customizing Global Properties
  • Modeler: Other Improvements
Process Page: Calling Processes

Release Notes 24.03.2021

  • Process Page: Calling Processes
  • Tasks for Expired Process Versions
  • Change Colors Easily in Bpanda
Import von Prozessen via ZIP-File

Release Notes 04.03.2021

  • Import Processes via ZIP Files
  • Accessibility: Contrast Adjustments for Visually Impaired Users
  • Accessibility: High-Contrast Color Schema
Assign User Roles for Bpanda Process Space in CAMP

Release Notes 04.02.2021

  • Assign User Roles for Bpanda Process Space in CAMP
  • Risk Analysis Tasks
  • Manage Process Map Levels
  • General UX Improvements and Increased Performance for Bpanda
New Task for Negative Reviews in Bpanda

Release Notes 16.12.2020

  • Task for Negative Reviews
  • New Risk Analysis: Complete Data from Previous Analysis
  • Risk Analysis Print Function Extended
How to select data for importing process maps, processes and organizational structures from Innovator via Bpanda Connector to Bpanda

Release Notes 17.11.2020

  • Bpanda Connector
  • Step 1: Select Data for Import
  • Import Process Maps
  • Import Processes and Collaborations
  • Import Organizational Structures
How to define an entry point for Bpanda users in the process hierarchy

Release Notes 16.11.2020

  • Process Hierarchy: Define Entry Point
  • Risk Management: Compare Control Evaluations

Release Notes 15.10.2020

  • Risk Management: Evaluation Assessment Tab
  • Improved Search
  • Process Page: Process Collaborators Now Visible
Bpanda's risk management dashboard now also evaluates the evaluation state of the controls.

Release Notes 22.09.2020

  • Risk Management: Dashboard Enhancement
  • Modeler: Call Activities
  • Q&A Function Can Be Deactivated