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    What you can expect from the webinar

    April 2020: A large proportion of employees in Germany are now working from home. Be as that may, each individual can only be productive if the flows and processes are clear and there are no inconsistencies. It is in times like these that you can clearly see that the opportunities to discuss with your colleagues is missing, whether it be at your desk, in the corridor, over lunch or a quick chat waiting your turn in the coffee queue! Of course, so much is possible when working remotely, but if your processes and flows weren’t previously documented or they don’t actually correspond to reality, then chaos can quickly take over.

    Forms, release notes, check lists etc. are often used to document the current status. It’s easy to pass these easily between colleagues in an everyday office situation. However, if everyone is working from home, then it’s no longer easy to quickly pass documents from hand to hand. Documented processes can help to achieve transparency in times like these.

    Document processes?! Many might say that this doesn’t sound like a quick and easy solution. Process management is often considered to be important but it also has the connotation of being very time consuming, full of talks, documentation and maintenance. This is why it is often only implemented in larger companies and corporations.

    However, it is also possible to implement process management into small and medium-sized companies without too much hassle, i.e. lean implementation. Check out our free webinar and we’ll use our BPM tool, Bpanda, and practical examples to show you how to do this, why processes help and how you can bring them to life.

    4 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this webinar:

    • Our experts will show you how to easily get started with process documentation (lean BPM application).
    • Our webinar will teach you the advantages of process documentation and what potential it has to offer, particularly with regard to working from home.
    • We will use Bpanda to show you how to bring your company processes to life so that they FINALLY mirror how they are actually being carried out.
    • Ask any questions you may have about process management directly to our experts.

    Download presentation slides here (German only)