Release Notes 23.10.2019

23. October 2019
Improved Search

We have improved the way the search hit list is displayed so you can find what you are looking for quicker. The search results will now show hits from process or process step descriptions. You can choose whether or not these should be shown so that you can keep a clear overview. I’m sure that you have already heard that our panda has been busy learning new languages. We have made important preparations so that these languages will be shown correctly in your hit list and processes in other languages can also be searched for.

Undo & Redo in the Process Map Editor

You haven’t created a process map in your process space directly in Bpanda yet? It’s about time you did! Our process map editor now has the handy feature undo & redo. This means you can easily undo and redo steps you have carried out in our process map editor with just one click. Give it a go!

“Your Tasks” - Completely New

You will no longer miss a review deadline! Our new “Your Tasks” area clearly shows you all existing tasks in Bpanda. You can see if there are any urgent tasks you need to carry out right on the start page. This means you can not only see information about reviews relevant for you and which processes are coming to an end, but you can now also be kept up-to-date about information in our new feature “Jobs”. Watch this space!

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