Release Notes 12.08.2019

12. August 2019
Multi-Language Capabilities

With our August 12 release, our range of functions now includes multi-language processes. The process designer needs to provide the model language and the translated process languages before these can be used. Put simply this means: this will save you loads of time as you no longer need to model your own process for each language. You can now use the translation dialog to translate a released process into multiple languages. You can now also carry out reviews in various different languages. This means that everyone in the company can now read and understand process information in the language which is relevant to them. Does this sound like a great feature for you and your company? Then chat to us about how Bpanda learns languages!

Modeling Process Maps

Have you already jumped in a started creating your first process map directly in Bpanda? No?! Chop! Chop! Our little panda developers have been hard at work: everything that was available as a beta version in the last release has now been perfected and is ready to use. We would love to hear feedback from you! What do you think of the latest function and being able to model process maps yourself?

Enhanced Print Function

The enhanced print function has been available in Bpanda since the May 16, 2019 release. You have been able to print all process details since then. We have now enhanced the feature so that you can align process diagrams. This is great news for big processes, as you can change between portrait and landscape printing.
Needless to say, you can print the processes in the language you are currently viewing them in.

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